Melco Hoops


Melco changed their hoops around 1999. The change only looks minor, but it does effect the way the HoopMaster and P& F Press works. The main change is the addition of the little tab at the top of the outer ring. Also the entire diameter of the inner and outer ring is a little larger on the newer hoops. This change makes it not possible for the HoopMaster or P&F Hooping Press to work properly on both styles at the same time.

When ordering fixtures for the HoopMaster or P& F Hooping Press you will need to know which style you have. You might also want to consider replacing your hoops if you have the older style. There are a few reasons for this. First, If you ever need to replace your hoops or want extra hoops, you will not be able to get the old style anymore. You want to make sure you do not mix styles because you will have to purchase additional parts. Second, if you ever need to replace just your outer rings, you will not be able to get the old style rings, and the new style rings do not work on your old style hoops.

If you would decide to replace your old style hoops you have a few options. You could, buy new hoops from Melco, or buy after market hoops. Durkee, Hooptech, and Allied, all make hoops that will fit on Melco machines. The other advantage to after market hoops is that you can just change the metal brackets on the hoops if you ever get another brand of machine. This is much cheaper than replacing the entire hoop.


Melco (Amaya) Hoop Sizes Available:

Round Sizes "New"
9cm, 12cm, 15cm, 18cm, 22cm
Round Sizes "Old"
12cm, 15cm, 18cm, 22cm
Jacket Back Sizes
13.5 x 11.25 (Also called 36x30cm), 44 x 30, 43 x 43 for Amaya
Cap Backs & Bags
Pocket Guides

12cm, 15cm, 18cm