Customer Reviews


“We brought in one case of bobbins to perform trials. Imagine our surprise when our operators not only were receptive to something new, but adamantly refused to switch back to the other bobbin after seeing the staggering increase in stitches per bobbin we received with Magna-Glide.”
Embroidery Manager

Premium Wear:

“Simply put, ‘Magna–Glide’ is a fantastic product.”
Decorations Manager

Tajima West:

“I compared the # of stitches I got with Magna–Glide to our standard ‘15’ bobbin by sewing each bobbin simultaneously. I was quite surprised when I realized that Magna–Glide sewed 14,000 more stitches with less tension.”
Sales Manager

Ensign Emblem:

“I have never seen such a uniform stitch throughout the entire bobbin. We have significantly reduced thread breaks. Our business is based on fast order–response and high quality work. Magna–Glide is a must for both.”

Sew Busy Custom Embroidery:

“I must say that I was skeptical about the hype of Magna–Glide until I saw that the bobbins do in fact run all the way out without a change in the bobbin tension. I have also not experienced the lint buildup under my spring like I am used to seeing with my other bobbin. My hats off to you for coming out with such a unique item! I don’t see myself ever reverting back to the old sided–bobbin.”

C.H. Holderby:

“With Magna–Glide M bobbins we were able to increase our customer’s SPM from 630 to almost 900. Needless to say, we were pleasantly surprised. The thread runs cleaner, and appears much stronger.”

Atlantic Coast Embroidery:

“With Magna–Glide I am able to get 20% more stitches per bobbin. At first we did not believe our own test data. Magna–Glide has a more “even-flow”, and is not as jerky as other prewound bobbins.”

Country Touch Embroidery:

“Magna–Glide sews completely to the end with no breaks or tension adjustments. I bet that it sewed 50% longer than our regular bobbin.”

JHD Distributors (ZSK):

“We ran Magna–Glide on ZSK and Aemco machines, and they performed very well. We did not count stitches between this bobbin, and our existing product, yet there is no doubt that we are getting a better yield with Magna–Glide. We also love the flat–laying, even-tension we get with your new bobbin.”
Sales Manager

Twin Peaks Embroidery:

“My hat goes off to you. Your M bobbin runs much cleaner, and pulls nicely. It seems stronger, and we enjoy the 33% more stitches per bobbin that we get from Magna–Glide.”

Lands’ End:

“Embroidery operators complained in the past about how the following shift operators would reset tensions and how they constantly had to reset it to their personal liking. Since our change to Magna–Glide, tensions remain at initial settings. We no longer hear tension adjustment complaints from operator to operator.”
Sewing Room Supervisor


“The 8–head machine we ran in our booth during the Imprint Show has a design pattern of 148,000 stitches. Incredibility we completed this entire design with only one Magna–Glide Bobbin change!”
Sales Manager
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