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Madeira Embroidery Thread
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Madeira Thread

Madeira Thread

Madeira Thread

Madeira Thread


Satisfying our Customers...

By being the Leading Provider of

 Embroidery Thread in the USA

 through Product Quality and

Service Excellence.

Our clients show us daily that embroidery makes it possible to create accessories that give fashion products a unique identity.
As a premier international producer of high quality threads that are used for a wide range of fashion applications, Madeira’s focus is on setting trends and establishing styles in all levels of the apparel and home goods industries. By offering these industries threads that combine high quality, innovation and aesthetics, Madeira is proud to provide its clients with the tools necessary to exercise their inexhaustible creativity.
Madeira´s own quality control personnel use state-of-the-art equipment to carry out tests and inspections throughout all phases of production. Such testing includes inspection and testing of raw materials, extensive lab tests before and after dyeing, tests to determine thread performance under all types of production conditions, controls to determine compliance with washing standards, as well as additional tests in compliance with DIN and ISO specifications.


Madeira chose to comply with the stringent production standards laid out by Oeko-Tex 100. Madeira products bearing the Oeko-Tex 100 certification make optimum use of natural resources and are produced without harming the environment.
Research and Development...

In the high-end embroidery thread arena, product performance is a direct result of the materials used and the production technology that is employed at the point of manufacture. At Madeira, the development of high quality embroidery thread begins with the finest raw materials available and the most up-to-date dyeing methods. Researchers at Madeira understand that their goal is not only to supply thread that is visually inspiring, but to provide embroiderers with a thread that is reliable and cost-effective.

Product development at Madeira revolves around the realization that today’s high-speed computer-controlled embroidery machines demand threads that allow for trouble-free operation. In-house testing with leading embroidery machine manufacturers allows Madeira to produce embroidery threads that are suitable for flawless operation, even in difficult applications.   
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*Madeira Purchasers*

All Maderia orders will be subject to an order-processing fee in addition to the shipping charge. Orders $50.00 or under will be charged $7.50; orders over $50.00 will be charged $3.50 or 2% (whichever is greater).

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