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HoopMaster Fixtures By MidWest Products, Inc.
Product Information: Please go to our Online Store to place your order.
For a complete list of HoopMaster parts and accessories see our Online Store.
One Size Kit
This set includes:
1 HoopMaster Station and 1 Fixture
1 FreeStyle Arm and 1 Portable Mounting Base
1 Pocket Alignment Guide and T-Square
HoopMaster One Fixture Kit
Two Size Kit
This set includes:
1 HoopMaster Station and 2 Fixtures
2 FreeStyle Arms and 1 Portable Mounting Base
1 Pocket Alignment Guide and T-Square
This is the most common kit ordered. Most customers order this kit for the 12cm and 15cm hoop sizes The 15cm is used mostly for left and right chest logos The 12cm is used mostly for cap backs, sleeves and other small items
HoopMaster Two Fixture Kit

Features and Benefits

The Fixtures are custom made to your brand and size of hoops.  You will need a different Fixture for every size hoop you want to use.   Most companies use two sizes of hoops for most of their work.  Either 12cm and 15cm or 15cm and 18cm depending on the type of embroidery you generally do. You can always add Fixtures for your other hoops in the future.

Additional Size Fixtures

Fixture and FreeStyle $295.00
Jacket Back Frames      $175.00 - $225.00    
HoopMaster Fixture And FreeStyle Arm
HoopMaster Jacket Back Frame
Cap Back Fixtures $250.00
Pocket Alignment Guide $50.00
Hoopmaster Cap Back Fixture
HoopMaster Pocket Guide

The Cap Back Fixture mounts on the Freestyle Arm or the Portable Mounting Base.

The Portable Mounting Base is not included with the Cap Back Fixture.

The Pocket Alignment Guide can be made to various hoop sizes
Station Extender
The Station Extender is used to make hooping larger garments easy. It attaches to the station top and increases the width of the station for larger garments.
HoopMaster Station Extender
HoopMaster Station Extender On Station
Station Extender
Extender shown on Station
Youth Station
We have two smaller versions of the station.
The normal station that comes with the HoopMaster system is about 16 inches wide

Embroidery Supplies - Infant Station
Embroidery Supplies - Med Station
The infant station is about 8.5 inches wide
The medium station is about 13 inches wide.
Portable Base $60.00
HoopMaster Portable Base
The portable base is a part of the HoopMaster kit or can be purchased separately. It does not come with the Youth station
PR-600/EMP6 Hooping Kit With All 4 Fixtures

Kit Includes: 4 Fixtures (100x100, 300x200, 180x130, 60x40), Station, 1 FreeStyle Arm, 1 Mounting Base,
1 Pocket Guide, T-Square, Demo Video

This kit will only work for the hoops that come with the
Brother PR-600, PR-620 or Baby lock EMP6, BMP8 machines!

HoopMaster BRPR600 Kit
Fold And Bag
The fold & bag is a portable and adjustable folding device. It can be adjusted for fold widths between 9 and 12 inches. You can also bag the garment before removing it from the board. It makes folding garments faster, and gives your products a more consistent professional look
HoopMaster Fold & BagHoopMaster Fold & Bag HoopMaster Fold & Bag
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