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Gingher Embroidery Scissors & More
Product Information: Please go to our Online Store to place your order.
Gingher Scissors
Gingher Scissors
  Gingher has been recognized as the premier line of cutting implements for home sewing, crafts, needle arts and the commercial embroidery industry, where the Gingher brand name has been synonymous with precision performance and lasting quality for more than 50 years.  
  High quality forged scissors and shears are still made as they were centuries ago. Gingher scissors and shears are manufactured to exacting standards and each pair is carefully inspected in order to maintain the highest level of quality.  

The Gingher assortment includes specialized scissors and shears for every craft and sewing task. Utilization of the correct tool insures precision performance and optimum results.

  If you have further questions about Gingher products please do not hesitate to Email us.  

Gingher Industrial Line

Gingher scissors and shears have been widely used in American industry for more than 50 years. Our industrial line of scissors and shears includes more than 150 different patterns and sizes with unique items for specialized applications and many items with safety modifications.
We currently have the complete Retail Gingher line of scissors available in our online store and will have the Gingher Industrial line of products soon. If you would like further information on our Industrial line of products or quantity purchases please contact us by Email. Thanks for your interest in Gingher products.
Here are a few of the products that are available in our Online Store
Gingher G10 Gingher G10L
Gingher G-1GS Gingher G-2GS
Gingher G-6PS Gingher G-7P
Gingher G-8 Gingher G-8L
Gingher G-9100 Gingher G-BH
Gingher G-DS22
Gingher G-DS23
Gingher G-DS29 Gingher G-DS7
Gingher G-ST Gingher G-6DC
Gingher G-LT Gingher G-NS3
Gingher G-NS4B Gingher GSP-13
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