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Embroidery Hoops By Durkee Enterprises
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Embroidery Supplies - Durkee Embroidery Hoops
Replacement Plastic Hoops
Durkee Embroidery Hoops

Durkee Enterprises offers embroidery hoops for Tajima, Barudan, Brother, Happy, Melco, SWF, Toyota, and ZSK commercial embroidery machines in the following sizes

9cm, 12cm, 15 cm, 18cm, 24cm x 24cm, 30cm x 10cm, 30cm x 15cm, 335mm x 329mm,

and 300mm x 410mm.

Durkee Embroidery Hoops
  Durkee Enterprises was founded with the concept of providing lower cost, higher quality products for the embroidery industry. We utilized our extensive manufacturing experience to create the most widely distributed tubular hoop line in the world today.  
  Advantages of Durkee Hoops:  
  • Constructed from high impact plastic  - The high impact plastics make the Durkee Hoop virtually indestructible and reduces vibration through the hoop.
  • Brass inserts for all screws - Molding in brass inserts reduces the chance for screws to loosen by providing greater holding power.
  • Light texture on hooping surface area - Texturing the hoop's surface provides better holding of garments during sewing for better registration.
  • Double height - The additional height of the hoop also helps in holding thicker, hard to hold garments.
  • Directional guides - Directional guides make centering designs effortless.
  • Thumb screw is larger and longer than our competitors' - the larger size of the thumbscrew provides more torque, so it is easy to adjust and opens wide for thick garments.
  • Wide space thumb screw adjusting - the extra space for reaching the thumb screw aids in adjusting the ring.
  Durkee's plastic embroidery hoops are constructed of high-impact plastic, brass inserts for all screws, light texture on the hooping surface, directional guides, and extra height, which aids in holding thicker, hard-to-hold garments. The adjusting rings' thumb screws are large and long to provide more torque and a wider space for adjustment; the metal clips are extra long - aiding in vibration reduction - and zinc-plated to provide for reduced wear, complete with plastic screws and lock washers.  

Deciding Which Hoop Size Is Right For You

For optimum design registration, it is important to use a hoop that is closest to the size of the design. This will help eliminate puckering as well as wasting other supplies, such as backing or topping.


Needle Spacing Guide

We thought it might be helpful to share a simple way of determining needle spacing or sewing field. The easiest way is to measure one of your current hoops from the tip of one metal stamping to the tip of the other. Another way is to measure the distance between arms on your tubular machines. Here is a list of conversions from millimeters to inches for the needle spacing's that we carry.
275 mm
 10 1/2 inches
Brother, Happy, Inbro, Renaissance, SWF, Tajima, Toyota
360 mm
 14 inches
450 mm
 17 1/2 inches
280 mm
 10 5/8 inches
380 mm
 15 inches
520 mm
 20 1/4 inches
Generations / Prodigy, Melco, ZSK
400 mm
 16 inches
495 mm
 19 1/2 inches
Brother, Inbro, Renaissance, SWF, Tajima, Toyota
500 mm
 19 1/2 inches
Hoop Width
When ordering you will be asked to measure your existing hoop width. The picture above is how you should measure your hoop! This is how we determine which metal to install on the hoops.

Am I sewing flat or tubular?

Determining whether you are embroidering flat or tubular is the first step in deciding which hoop is right for you. Generally speaking, most tubular embroidery is sewn with the machine table dropped or removed so that the garment may hang freely around the bobbin arm. The entire hoop is removed from the machine when each garment is completed then re-hooped with a new garment.

Flat embroidery is sewn with a spider hoop setup. The adjusting ring and inner ring are hooped and inserted in the spider frame, which remains attached to the machine. All flat sewing is done with the table in the "up" position. There are certain instances, on some machines, that tubular hoops may be used with the table up.

Durkee Enterprises' primary product line includes only tubular hoops at this time. However, flat customers may need to replace the adjusting ring only. Durkee Enterprises supplies unbreakable adjusting rings that are compatible with most flat, spider setups. Please call for details. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are unsure whether you are sewing flat or tubular. We will be glad to help.
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