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  Coats Trusew Prewound  Embroidery Bobbins  
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Coats Trusew Embroidery Bobbins
Coats American is renowned by embroiderers as the maker of the finest ready-wound-bobbins in the world. Years of research and a special manufacturing process ensure that our products perform consistently - time after time.
We have two types of bobbin for embroidery: V-15 continuous filament polyester bobbin: with core and sides - for the finest quality jobs - ideal for stitching large areas faultlessly - used in applications such as badge making - over 130 yds per bobbin
Staple spun polyester bobbin: with core and sides - for jobs where economy is the watchword - the spun polyester is made from high tenacity SSP fibre and an ultra-low fault level to ensure maximum productivity - around 115 yds per bobbin
Coats Trusew Embroidery Bobbins Coats Trusew Embroidery Bobbins


  • More Yardage -- Increased machine run time; fewer bobbin changes; increased production
  • Precision wind -- Predictable number of sewn seams per bobbin; consistent thread delivery; neater seams; fewer repairs and seconds
  • Broad selection of thread constructions, fiber sizes, colors, and bobbin styles -- Products readily available for most lockstitch sewing requirements; products can be engineered for individualized special needs
  • Superior quality -- Resists overspinning; uniform tension and stitch formation; less waste
  • Quick bobbin changes -- No winding of thread necessary
  • Eliminates metal bobbins -- No expenditure for metal bobbins or maintenance of metal bobbin winders; faster bobbin changes; easy to use; less waste with no unused thread to clean from metal bobbins
  • Coats bobbins are wound in a crisscross design on a disposable cardboard spool.
Coats Trusew Embroidery Bobbins
V-15 - Cardboard Sides / Style L White - 132 yds. per bobbin 1 Gross = 144 Bobbins
V-15 - Cardboard Sides / Style L Black - 132 yds. per bobbin 1 Gross = 144 Bobbins
V-15 - Cardboard Sides / Style M White - 235 yds. per bobbin 1 Gross = 144 Bobbins
Learn to get the correct tension on your Coats Bobbins by clicking here!


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