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Prewound Embroidery Bobbins

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  List of Embroidery Machines and their Bobbin Styles  

Magna-Core Magnetic Core Embroidery Bobbins By Fil-Tec, Inc.

Magna Glide - Magnetic Core Embroidery Bobbins

With a magnet in the core, "Magna-Glide" magnetic core bobbin provides a uniform tension throughout the entire bobbin while eliminating backlash and over spin. This bobbins will run with a smooth uniform tension all the way to the end producing more stitches per bobbin vs. standard bobbins.
Available in Style L in white and black, and in style M in white.


Clear-Glide Embroidery Bobbins By Fil-Tec, Inc.

Clear Glide - Polyester Filament Plastic Flange Embroidery Bobbins

Clear-Glide is the sister product of the very successful "Magna-Glide" bobbin. Clear-Glide is a high-tenacity polyester filament bobbin wound on a plastic flanged spool. This bobbin is designed for home sewing (drop-in) machines. Clear-Glide uses the same high quality poly yarn as Magna-Glide and will provide the operator with more stitches per bobbin which results in fewer bobbin changes. Each lint-free bobbin provides uniform tension, and the plastic sides will not bend. Clear-Glide is available in style-L bobbins in white, black,and limited colors.


National Embroidery Bobbins

NEB - National Embroidery Bobbins

By now you have heard of the NEB Bobbin. The Plastic core, wound parallel, and high quality thread has made this bobbin a sensation in the Embroidery Industry. As you read this, hundreds of embroidery users are already benefiting from this superior product. You no doubt pride yourself on making quality embroidery. The NEB Bobbin is another way to achieve that goal.


Coats Trusew Bobbins

Coats - Trusew Embroidery Bobbins

Coats American is renowned by embroiderers as the maker of the finest ready-wound-bobbins in the world. Years of research and a special manufacturing process ensure that our products perform consistently - time after time.


ESC Prewound Embroidery Bobbins & Bobbin Cases

Embroidery Bobbins & Bobbin Cases

Our ESC line of prewound embroidery bobbins offer good performance at a economical price. All prewound bobbins contain 100% continuous polyester filament thread. Our cardboard sided bobbins contains high tenacity thread and is comparable to the style of the Coats bobbins.We also offer standard replacement bobbin cases.

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